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Is the One Curve the right file for me?

To find out, don’t miss Dr. Tara McMahon’s FREE webinar on MicroMega’s One Curve file system.

There’s no better way for endo specialists to spend one hour of their valuable time; from 6.30pm GMT on Wednesday, 24th February.

Part 1: Is the One Curve the right file for me?

Wed, Feb 24 - 6:30PM - 7:30PM GMT, Dr. Tara McMahon

Endodontic treatments are intimately linked to nickel titanium for the past 25 years and the arrival of the first NiTi rotary files for canal preparation. Performing a root canal treatment can be a real challenge regardless of the practitioner’s affinity for endodontics.

The aim of the lecture will be to go over the different features that render the One Curve so unique and useful for daily use.

This webinar will followed up with a second session.